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Damnum Sine Injuria [Complete Notes With Case Laws]

Damnum Sine Injuria Damnum Sine Injuria means damage without injury(infringement of legal rights).In other words,Causing of damage,however substantial,to another person is not actionable in law unless there is also a violation of legal rights.Therefore,there will be no compensation for the plaintiff,if he has not suffered any legal injury. Leading Case Laws For Damnum Sine Injuria […]

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Hot Coffee Documentary Online : FREE Summary

FREE HOT COFFEE DOCUMENTARY ONLINE SUMMARY AND LEGAL OBSERVATION.. Hot Coffee Documentary Online : The “HOT COFFEE DOCUMENTARY” is about the journey of Tort + Its reform + Frivolous lawsuits + Influence of corporate sector + Mandatory Arbitration clauses.It is divided into 4 Exhibit in which the filmmaker Susan Saladoff uses the infamous legal battle […]

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The New Legal Adoption Regulations January 2017

The New Adoption Regulations, 2017 will be effective from today The Regulations were framed by ‘Central Adoption Resource Authority’ (CARA) as mandated under section 68 (c) of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 Salient features of the Adoption Regulations, 2017 Procedures related to adoption by relatives both within the country and abroad […]

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