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Mediation: Meaning, Definitions, Types, Process and Stages of Mediation in ADR

Mediation in Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR ) Literally, the expression “Mediation” means the act of a third party relating to the settling of a dispute between to contending parties. In other words, Mediation is an informal process under which the contending parties elaborate, deliberate and discuss their disputed matter in the presence of an […]

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Doctrine of Harmonious Construction of Entries [ Complete Notes ]

In case of overlapping between entries in the different lists, the conflict has to be resolved, reconciled and the entries must be read and interpreted harmoniously. The court should make an attempt to reasonably and practically construe the entries so as to reconcile the conflict and avoid overlapping. This is known as the harmonious construction […]

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Financial Management : Meaning, Scope, Functions & Objectives

What is Financial Management? Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement of funds in the most economic manner and employment of those funds in the most optimum way. It means applying general management principles to financial resources of the enterprise. Scope / Elements of Financial Management : 1. […]

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Hot Coffee Movie Observations & Reviews

Hot Coffee Movie Observations HOT COFFEE is a very informative HBO documentary film directed by SUSAN SALADOFF. The documentary is based on Tort Reforms and issues related to both economic and legal environment of the United States. The documentary majorly presents the truths from the side which were adversely affected by the tort reforms. This […]

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