10 + 1 Benefits of being a Lawyer in India

Lawyer In India…….. ??
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Here are 10+1 reasons why you would like to be Lawyer in India :

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  1. Law is a professional course unlike many  other graduation courses . Which means you pass your exams . you get membership of BCI ( Bar Council of India )  and you are already a professional . This also means you need not look for a job , just get yourself a lawyer’s board and get to the work.
  2. Lawyers enjoy a superb amount of prestige and respect in the societyNeighbors consult them for advice about legal matters . People take there disputes to them and so on.
  3. Its not just respect that the lawyers command in a society . They also enjoy a considerable amount of influence  too .  People fear you ,especially fraudulent ones . You have considerable say  in  the decisions of your society. Doubt it! Read a biography of any lawyer, and see for yourself .
  4. In the field of law there is Unlimited PotentialThere is no height you cannot reach. Success or rather extreme success is not so uncommon  in this field . Surely you must have heard… … if not then search the consultation charges of top lawyer from your city. You will surely get the idea.
  5. If  you are into social welfare and upliftment of society . LAW is the perfect field for you . There will be many sharing the same concerns . You will be given lots of experience in that area.And there will be lots to accomplish.Believe me Legal Reforms are much needed in our country.
  6. Law is a diverse field . Offering you lots of variety of practices to choose from. You can choose to practice in your area of interest. Options vary from  most heard ones like civil and criminal .. to practice like Customs Law , International Law ,  Income Tax , Environment … and so on … With increasing shift toward LPO ( legal process outsourcing) the demand for specialised personnel has increased .
  7. Flexibility. Gradually ,once you start earning  . You will find that you are spending most of your days buried in work , without a second to spare , but , by your own will. On the brighter side you have the choice to take breaks on your own accord ( i.e. obviously if you are self employed).
  8. The legal field is not just about being a lawyer(litigator), other options can be getting into judiciary,or getting hired by a company as a corporate lawyer. You could choose to become a law proffessor or even a law officer at a bank.
  9. Law is a challenging field ,where the opportunities never stop pouring in for those who are willing to grab them. You like challenges ? if so then this field wont give you a reason  to complain.
  10. This field is one which is never in recession ,there is not much need to explain why ?
  11. Being a lawyer can get you acquainted with popular public figure clients . That has perks of its own right ! . this i speak from the experienced shared to me by many of seniors as well as my fellow lawyers.

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