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Malicious Prosecution Complete Notes pdf ( With All Famous Case Laws ) : Law Of Torts

What Is Malicious Prosecution ? Malicious Prosecution is defined as a judicial proceeding instituted by one person against the another, from wrongful or improper motive, without any reasonable and probable cause to justify it. Malicious Prosecution consists in instituting unsuccessful criminal proceedings maliciously without reasonable and probable cause. When such prosecution causes actual damage to […]

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Trespass to person : Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment in Torts Law ( Complete Notes pdf )

Trespass to person can be categorized into assault, battery and false imprisonment.  Assault in Torts Law Assault is defined under section 351 of Indian Penal Code. An assault is an act which intentionally causes another person to apprehend the infliction of the immediate, unlawful force on a person. Important ingredients to prove assault :  Apprehension […]

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Leverage : Meaning, Types of Leverages, Importance of Leverage in financial Management

Leverage in Financial Management can be defined as deciding the proper mix between the fixed cost and variable cost. Leverage is a practice that can help a firm to drive up it’s gains or losses. Basically, Leverage in Financial Management is the relationship between two interrelated variables. These variables may be cost, output, sales, revenue, […]

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Mutual Rights and Duties of a Partner in Indian Partnership Act, 1932

Determination of Rights and Duties of a Partner by contract between the Partners : Subject to the provisions of this act, the mutual rights and duties of a partner of the firm may be determined by contract between the partners, and such contract may be expressed or may be implied by a course of dealing. […]

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Law Of Torts Notes With Cases Pdf [ Complete Notes For BALLB & BBALLB ]

Law Of Torts “Law of Torts”,The word TORT is derived form the Latin word “TORTUM” that means “TWISTED”.It can be related to the English word “WRONG”. Meaning Of Tort : In very simple words,Whenever a wrong doer violates some legal rights vested in another person,it is simply said a tort.For Example : Violation of a duty […]

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General Defences in Torts Law Notes pdf With Case Laws

General Defences in Torts Law includes : Volenti Non Fit Injuria ( Defence of Consent ) Plaintiff the wrongdoer Inevitable Accidents Acts of God Private Defence Mistake Necessity Statutory Authority 1. VOLENTI NON FIT INJURIA (With All Famous Case Laws) The very first defence that comes under the General Defences in Torts Law is Volenti […]

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